The decent into death

The realm of death is the realm of the hostile rulers of this present age. The weapons that are wielded against us are spiritual in nature. The assaults are directed against our new man in Christ. The servants used by the powers of death are the subjects of death, who live in the dominion of death . Death is the spiritual fruit of the fallen rulers of this age. The rulers through their prisoners of death, assault us with death. Death is the poison of the darkness of this present cosmos.

Once one truly is baptized through the cross, into the dimension of the kingdom of heaven, which is the rule and authority of Christ. Then one is brought into this ageless cosmic realm of these two hostile kingdoms, which are in direct opposition toward one another. Once we leave the world of the adamic life, a world that lives in the bondage to the prince of this world and gods of this age. Then the reality of coming into some cosmic, but now a very personnel drama begins. It is a hostile world that one is baptized into. Its aggression, which is released against ones position in Christ, are assaulted in ways which staggers one. These rulers and authorities wield weapons that seem to know all our weaknesses. They see the things that really seem to trigger us. Their attacks against us are extremely intense, piercing us in places that we never thought nor imagined. The cunning evil which these powers use against our humanity is breathtaking at times.

This is the message of the cross, It is called by T Austin Sparks, the controversy of Zion. The Lord has a people who now live in a different kingdom, which is an very real agitation to the rulers of this age.

The rulers seem to be relentless in their aggression towards them. One needs not look for these events to happen, they happen as soon as one is born into the new world of the Christ of God.

These rulers of this present age, they have very little interest in any who are not joined to the Lord of glory, but once one becomes a true and living member, of the body of the ascended glorified Lord, the they are brought into this cosmic, universal, timeless drama of the creation.

The assaults seem to be in many ways targeted toward our complete and utter devotion to Christ.

How much can you endure before you begin to wonder, is this is really worth the suffering, which is so extreme at times, and bewildering in nature.

The assaults are from the dimensions of the spiritual world, which is so active and alive in this otherworldly place of the heavenlies. One gets the feeling that he is as a grasshopper in the midst of giants.

These cosmic hostile world rulers are so beyond us in any scope and scale. We at times feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the aggression, which is now against us. There are times in ones life when one wonders if one will survive the weight and calamity that comes.

The cross is the open the door to this ancient otherworldly drama, which was played out at Calvary by the Christ.

It was so much more real for Jesus than anyone human could ever imagine. Jesus bore the full weight and calamity of this hostility and violence, for the redemption of this world. Calvary was beyond any imagination possible on what Christ endured at the cross.

The full weight of the universal power of sin and death were brought upon the Son of God.

The assault on Christ at Calvary was staggering in scope and scale. It was the whole cosmic world of sin and death being released on the Lamb of God, who bore such a weight of hostility, in the face of this cosmic terror.

This is the message of the word of the cross.

It is what it is.

It is the way to the truth.

It is the way to the life.

It is the way to the glory.

It is the way that Jesus went for us.

It is the way we must all also follow.

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