Jerusalem which is above

This transcendent kingdom of the heavens, oh what a place it is.

This mystical magical realm, where the Lord and the saints of all the ages past, present, and future inhabit.

The praise of the whole earth.

The new Jerusalem, which is above us , but not beyond us.

She is here, she is there, she is now, she is then.

She is the eternal city, in the midst of our present time.

Her gates are always open, for those who long to see her.

Her love and mercy is always free and flowing.

Her purity is more radiant than diamonds.

She lives in the very midst of the air that we breath.

She is always calling, she is always drawing, she is always searching.

She is free, she is brave, she is love.

She lives in the midst of our time, but her foundations are eternal.

She is now, she was then, she always was, she always will be.

She rules in perfect justice, she rules in perfect mercy.

Her streets are full of glory, her streets are for the holy.

She is almost here, she is almost there, she is almost everywhere.

She was, she is, she is coming?

She is now, she was then, she is here, can you see her, she is calling you, her gates are wide and open.

Prophetic word March 25/20

I feel the Lord just spoke tonight regarding the calamity we are living in.

What I believe I am hearing is that things will continue to escalate in the days ahead.

We are in for another deepening level of this calamity.

Things are set to get worse not better.

The spiritual atmosphere in the heavens over the nations, I believe has not changed yet.

This event is far from over.

Lord here am I

We are living in the days when the Lord is about to do great things in the earth.

I belive the Lords word for today is be bold, be brave. When we hear the voice of the Lord don’t be timid, reach out for what he has for you.

God is looking for people who will say yes Lord here am I use me in any way that you would

These days that are ahead are not for the faint of heart, these are the days when the weak say I am strong .

This in not the day to worry about the fear of man.

This is the day to worry about the honour and glory of the Lord.

The angel of the Lord

We are coming into days that will stagger us in regards to the faith. I believe we are living in the hour when the angel of the Lord is about to come onto the scene of history.

As in the days of Joshua, so also today I believe he is about to be revealed.

William Branham, who I believe was a forerunner and type of the end of the age wittness, lived in this reality.

When Branham ministered the angel of the Lord would come. Branham would know when he entered the atmosphere, the power and gifting to do signs and wonders would come with him.

I belive we are about to enter into this reality in the days ahead.

I belive the Angel of the Lord is no other than the glorified Christ.

We are coming onto Holy ground. I believe we are coming into the days when the Lord is about to do wonders in our midst.

Those who have eyes to see him will be the vessels who will reflect the glory of his coming.

The king is coming!

Unspeakable Love of God

What a time to be living in, I am having to pinch myself to what I believe is coming to this world. Unspeakable grace for his people who call him Lord.

God is longing to come and be with his people, this is why he has created us in his image,

The Lord longs to be living in the midst of his creatures. His desire to be in fellowship with us is greater than anything in this universe.

Nothing can separate his love from us. The cross was the ultimate sacrifice given for his creatures. It cost him everything he had. Every ounce of love he had for humanity was released at the cross.

Nothing was held back from us. His full expression of love for humanity was given for us at the cross.

Like Paul cries out, who can separate us now from his Love. There is nothing left in creation that can stop his love from reaching his creatures.

The end of all Gods ways will be glory for the ages upon the ages to come.

Who will be able to resist this endless stream of mercy and love that is coming.

The favor of God

This morning I am feeling the Lord is saying that we are coming into a great time when the favor of God is about to be released into his people.

The end of all Gods ways will be mercy with unspeakable joy.

The end of this calamity that now is, will be the beginning of a profound release of grace to his church.

The days I see ahead are absolutely stunning in what will be released.