The shepherd of Israel

Oh shepherd of Israel, how lovely are thy dwelling places, for one moment in thine courts, are so much greater than all other joys?

Where does thou dwell, oh ancient one? draw us into thy everlasting gates, into thy courts, the places of your dwellings.

Draw us in so we can run after thee, call us so we can follow, speak so we can live, for your ways are the pathway to your goodness.

We have known many loves, but none are like thee, thou art the shy meek and lowly one, who lives in the secret place of the most high, oh lead us in, so we can live, draw us so we can follow, speak so we can answer, love so we can feel?

For thy goodness is as the dew of the morning, thy favor is from everlasting to everlasting, thy mercies are renewed morning by morning.

Oh great and gentle shepherd of thy people Israel, the one who dwells in thy pastures, lead us into thy steams of thy living water, for we have had many Shepard’s, but none are like thee.

Who of all the gods are like thee, thou are gentle and lowly, peaceful and free, loving in mercy, holy and free?

Oh how faithful and true thou art, in all thy ways thy goodness follows us throughout all the days, which thou has given us.

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