The ultimate issue of the universe, who will you worship?

The drama that is being played out in the realm of the cosmos is breathtaking. It is a cosmic drama of a world, which was invaded by forces, who are in hostile rebellion towards the God who created all things.

When one reads the biblical witness regarding these epic invisible realities, which are hidden to us creatures of time, one is rocked by the magnitude of what is written, in regards to this ancient drama, which is unfolding in the history of our present time.

One wonders of the beginnings of these cosmic events. So very little is written in the scriptures regarding the origins of this universal drama.

So many questions, but so very few answers to this ageless, timeless epic.

Austin T Sparks once said that the ultimate issue of the universe is worship, who will you worship, will you worship these invisible realities who are called the gods of this present age, or will you worship the Creator God, who created all things of this age?

The creature called the Church, who is the fruits of the event of the death and Resurrection of Christ, We are now thrust into this ageless, timless drama, which transcends all space and time. We are called and enlisted, by the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, to enter this cosmic arena, which is situated outside of space and time, to be witnesses of our utter adoration and worship, towards the one who redeemed us from the powers who rule in this passing age, and presently fading world.

Something transpired in the ageless times, of the eternal reality of creation, Which a cosmic revolt occurred. There is not a sense of a time frame that is available in the biblical record regarding this tragic calamity. But now as one in union with the living Christ, one finds themselves in this unfolding drama , which one now finds themselves, in union with our Lord, we now find ourselves baptized into the very depths of this great cosmic calamity.

This world, which we are born into, is a cosmic dramatic theater, for an invisible, universal reality of heavenly beings, which are watching and observing all things, which Paul calls in the heavenlies.

Everything one does is being observed an weighed by supernatural realities, who are situated in the cosmos, which is the inner reality of the created order of the cosmic creation.

This cosmic setting is endlessly vast in dimensional scope and reality. It seems to have limitless, countless participants, who are directly involved in this universal epic.

It is a very strange and confounding arena, which we through identification with Christ, now find ourselves directly involved with.

Paul’s picture of the drama portrays a Gladiator in a Roman arena, in a battle for life and death, over a hostile cloud of spiritual realities, who sneer and despise their earthly opponents.

Paul knew he was not in confrontation with mortal combatants. Paul knew he was in a cosmic struggle of reality, that was being played out in the history of this world, with supernatural realities and events, which are situated in the cosmos of creation, who’s only goal and hope, is to maintain their ruthless, hostile grip, on the creatures of Gods once good creation.

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