The time of Jacobs trouble

Jacobs’s trouble is the event of all events; the Old Testament Prophets speak on this time, this is the moment when Jacob becomes true Israel.

The systematic teachings of Old Testament prophecy are in agreement with this. It is very clear if we are versed in Old Testament exposition of scripture, that Israel will come to a final conformation with her God.

Because of the work of Israel’s Messiah we have been brought into this nation; but we have not replaced their relationship to the eternal covenant, we have come to a birthright that has always been theirs, it is still to the Jew first.

Because of Israel’s misstep salvation has come to us gentiles.

Its not like God cast them away forever; if that was reality then all the Messianic promises are gone with them.

The fullness of the Messianic promises wait for the restoration of the elect nation, if there is no restoration, then neither fulfillment.

We have to shake off this unreality that is so prevalent in the church, if we try to apprehend the end time prophetic promises without a restored Israel, we will become candidates for delusion and deception.

We must not deviate to far from this foundational understanding.

We have been grafted into a body that was reality long before the cross, we have not come to a new house; we have come to the house of Israel, we have come to their table, we have come to their promises their blessings, and now we are eating their food.

Yes Israel has been set-aside for a time, but not forever, Paul says God forbid, it will never happen.

If we somehow take the centrality of Israel from the scriptures, and like Paul says, become wise in our own estimations, we will come into confusion regarding Gods end time movements.

Israel is central to end time prophetic interpretation, Gods dealings with Israel is Gods prophetic word to the world and the Church.

How will we respond when the time of shaking comes to Israel, will we turn our head and look the other way, or will we look on her bones and have compassion on her in her great time of need?

This historic event that is coming will find all of us out, will we as the church be there in her time of great need, though it might be very costly to us, or are we going to look the other way?

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